Dearest Church Family,


As you are likely aware, the situation with the Wuhan Coronavirus seemingly changes weekly, if not daily.  It can be hard to keep up and we prayerfully ponder how that should affect us as individuals and with regard to our interactions as a church family.  

Dallas County has instituted a ban on groups of 50+ gathering together and the Governor’s office wants to limit groups to no more than 10. We appreciate the care and concern that our officials, whom God has put in place, exhibit in trying to decide policies which attempt to take into account collective safety, individual freedom, and personal autonomy.  

These are unprecedented times, which motivate us to take unprecedented steps where church is concerned.  And we know churches will be criticized for whatever they do, even in what is being described as a plague situation. With that being said, it pains us to do so, but we are asking everyone except those in the music ensemble and the speakers in the Sunday morning service to stay home. 

We plan to livestream our services from our sermons page, at least the audio, and possibly video.  We’ll email and/or post the bulletin for those following to have the order of service.  We ask that you sing along with us and otherwise participate remotely with the prayers and responsive reading.

At this point … The plan is to cancel Sunday school and Sunday night activities for 3/22 and 3/29.  We will be in a state of evaluation going forward, so please keep an eye out for email and if you’ve not done so, please join the GroupMe chat group for the church. It will be another means of sharing information. Please reach out to anyone in leadership or those who have already joined to be added in

Thanks for your patience and prayers for Christ to be honored in all of this. Feel free to contact us with any questions or special needs you might have. 


    Sola Gratia,

    Bob, Glenn, Jay, Tommy, and Gunny