Are you good enough for Heaven?

Most people feel that they are good enough, and that God would certainly let them into heaven.
However, God does not grade you against other people, but against His standard of perfection.

The Bible teaches that if you break ANY of God’s Ten Commandments (or Laws) at ANY time in your life you are not good enough for Heaven.

Have you ever lied, stolen, disrespected your parents, or used God’s name as a curse word (only 4 of the 10)? If so, you are guilty. The harsh reality is that all of us are guilty of violating Gods laws, and no one is worthy to enter into Heaven.

While it is true that God is loving and merciful, He is also holy and righteous and must ensure justice is served. Therefore, God demonstrated His love for His people by giving His Son, Jesus Christ, to die on the cross. Jesus is the only One who can perfectly satisfy God’s justice while at the same time providing a way for sinners to be forgiven. Those who reject His provision will be condemned. Please understand, it was no small thing for Jesus to die for his people or for God to offer his Son. The cross is a perfect expression of His love. It is a very humbling thought to realize that the Creator of the universe would subject Himself to such suffering so that rebellious law breakers (sinners) might be forgiven.

That being said, it is the greatest news ever!

If it has never been explained to you, this is what Biblical Christianity is all about… We are all guilty of violating God’s laws. Hell is God’s punishment for law breakers. Therefore we deserve to be sentenced to Hell. So we see that God’s love for His people is so great that He did something even the angels could not comprehend.

1. He sent His Son in the form of a man to live a perfect sinless life

2. Even though He had done nothing wrong, He suffered the punishment we deserve in death.

3. God then brought Jesus back to life so we could be brought back to life through Jesus.

To use civil court as an example, Jesus graciously paid our fine so that we could be set free from the jail sentence we deserve. Please understand that we cannot give enough to charity, be nice enough to others, or do enough good deeds to earn our way into heaven. Christians do these things out of thanks for what has been done for them versus merit for acceptance to God. The difference is subtle but significant.

For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is a gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast. (Ephesians 2:8-9)

This can be a hard message to receive. Some might think it’s negative.  However, God intends for it to be both a sober warning and a joyous invitation. It is our hope and prayer that God gives you an understanding of His truth. The path is narrow, and few shall find it. This is not our message, but His.

Has God brought you to the point of uneasiness? What should you do next? The answer is simple… get on your knees in private and pray. Ask Him to give you a new heart and new life. Repent (that is: completely turn away from the habitual practice of sin – 1 John 3.9-10) and put your faith in Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord. Don’t put it off until tomorrow. God WILL open your eyes and change your entire perspective on life. This is what it means to be Born Again and it’s a very big deal!

It is only when we understand how desperately we need salvation, and how undeserving we are of salvation does this all make sense.

However, don’t be deceived into thinking a new Christian life will be nice and easy… You will still have challenges in life and you will stumble many times in your walk, but keep praying for growth. The Holy Spirit will do His work within you to shape you into the man or woman He needs you to be.

Those who go to Heaven do so undeservedly, and those who go to Hell do so willingly.” – C.S. Lewis

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