Serving God, Serving People

To minister means to serve. We are primarily serving God, but in doing so, we also serve people, those inside and outside our church family.

Below are links to some of the ways we serve God and others in order to carry out our mission, which is to glorify God by making disciples who love God and others.

“For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” ~Mark 10:45 (ESV)

Adult Sunday School

Our Sunday school class for adults begins at 9:15am on Sundays. We typically do a study through an entire book of the Bible or occasionally we study a theological concept.

Book Club

Contact the pastor if you’d like to join us for discussion, or just read along with us.

Upcoming Schedule:

Future Selections:


Past Selections:

Children's Ministries

At Providence Church we believe parents have primary responsibility for the discipleship of their children. Thus, the church strives not to replace the spiritual influence of the parents, but to supplement parental instruction and assist parents in their holy calling of making disciples who love God and others.

With that in mind, each Sunday Providence Church serves parents and their children with the following:

  • Nursery – For children from birth through age 2 there is an optional nursery during the Sunday school hour, the 10:30AM service, and during the Sunday evening activities. The nursery is centrally located near the sanctuary and Sunday school rooms.
  • Sunday School – Not settling for entertainment or babysitting, our Sunday school teachers impart biblical knowledge and emphasize Scripture memory. We use curriculum from Children Desiring God and each class is taught by a husband and wife team. Our classes are assigned based on age rather than academic grade, promoting the first Sunday in August.
  • Children’s Church – There is a brief children’s message during the 10:30AM service, after which the children (ages 3 through 2nd grade) have the option of going to children’s church during the sermon time. There, a husband & wife team teach the children the same content of the sermon, but in a format easier for them to understand and with activities on their level to reinforce the topic(s) of the day. After the sermon, they rejoin us for the remainder of the service.
  • Sunday Night – On Sunday nights there is a class for the preschool children taught by one of the elders and his wife that relies heavily on catechism. Also, there’s a class for the older children, which is presently looking at historical heroes of the faith and hymns & their authors.

In addition to the aforementioned weekly activities, there are also various special events throughout the year for the edification of the children, including the following annual events:

  • Youth Disciple Now
  • Vacation Bible School
  • Youth Camp
  • Reformation Celebration (last Saturday in October)
  • Nursing home visit to sing for residents

Missions and Outreach

In addition to supporting missions throughout the world as contributing members of the Cooperative Program of the SBC and SBTC and locally through the Collin Baptist Association, we also have a few mission endeavors that we personally support:

Josef & Lina Urban

Josef & Lina Urban

Josef & Lina Urban are currently serving the Lord in Guadalajara, Mexico, where they are involved in church planting and overseeing an orphanage.

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Charles & Julie Woodrow

Charles & Julie Woodrow

The Woodrow Family is currently serving the Lord with Grace Missions Ministries in Mozambique, where Charles is a surgeon.

To Every Tribe Ministries

To Every Tribe Ministries

The vision of To Every Tribe Ministries is to bring the gospel to those hard-to-get-to places where the name of Jesus has never been heard, so that God will be worshiped by every tribe, language, and nation.

Real Options for Women

Real Options for Women

Real Options is a source of information to women making decisions about unplanned pregnancies, a gateway to medical care for women choosing to carry their pregnancies to term and a provider of screening for non-pregnant women at risk of sexually transmitted diseases.

Andrew & Sophia Pitcher

Andrew & Sophia Pitcher

Andrew & Sophia Pitcher, with Wycliffe Bible Translators, are assigned to the Southern Africa Services Group (SOA), a regional group serving language communities in 18 countries and 120 languages in southern Africa.

Small Groups

“Sanctification is a community project.” ~John Piper

One of the ways we encourage depth of relationships at Providence Church is through the connectivity of various small groups, which we call SIGs (special interest groups). These affinity groups meet with some measure of regularity for various reasons, but ultimately in conjunction with our mission to glorify God by making disciples who love God and others.

Some SIGs are open to all, while some are closed except to those who meet certain criteria. Some may be “members only,” while some may be open to any who may be interested, perhaps even evangelistic in nature. Some may meet indefinitely, while others may be only for a set period of time. Some may meet at the church building, while others may meet offsite.

We want our members to prioritize our regular Lord’s Day activities, but encourage them also to prayerfully consider participating in one or more of our SIGs in accordance with their schedules, interests, and phase of life. Our SIGs are voluntary and extracurricular, but an effective means of growing together in Christlikeness.

Some of our current* SIGs:

  • Book Club – Meets monthly to discuss an assigned book.
  • Collinwood Visitation – A service oriented group that meets Thursdays at 3:15PM at the Collinwood nursing home to conduct a brief service of song, Bible study, and visitation with the residents.
  • Firearms Fellowship – A time of fellowship for men and their guests over a common interest in shooting sports which fosters camaraderie and has been a means of outreach. The group meets monthly, typically on a Friday. They often meet beforehand for coffee and afterward for lunch.
  • Jubilees – To qualify a person or his/her spouse must be 50+ years of age. The group meets monthly, typically the 2nd Saturday of the month, to foster fellowship and mutual edification.
  • Ladies Breakfast – Meets the 4th Saturday of the month at the Original Pancake House in Plano.
  • Ladies Study: Anxious for Nothing – Meets Tuesday evenings from 7:00-8:00 PM beginning February 20th, 2018. While numerous books have been written on overcoming anxiety, Anxious for Nothing moves us beyond pop psychology’s temporary cures by returning us to our one true source of comfort and victory—Scripture. John MacArthur reminds us that God is completely sovereign, understands our struggles, and has equipped us with resources to not only face, but also to triumph completely over our anxieties. Contact Jami for more info or to reserve a copy of your book.
  • Providence Church FBL (Fantasy Baseball) – For those with a hearty interest in baseball.  This league has open enrollment each season. Participation is limited to church members.
  • ProvFL (Fantasy Football) – A “keeper” league which may or may not have openings each season. Participation is limited to church members.
  • Sew Inclined – A multigenerational ladies gathering for fellowship, instruction, and mentoring, among other things, whereby sewing skills are passed down and put to good use for Christian ministry both inside and outside the church. The group meets the 2nd & 4th Saturdays from 1-3PM at the church building.
  • Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting – Meets Wednesday nights at the church building at 6:30PM to study a Psalm and bear in prayer the burdens of the church, nation, planet, and each other.

If you don’t see a group that you’d like to be a part of and are interested in getting it started, contact one of the elders about beginning the formation process.

For more information about our SIGs, contact the pastor who can direct you to the person coordinating the SIG in question.

*As new groups may begin or complete their purpose, this list may be updated to reflect those changes.

Nursing Home Ministry

The elderly and infirmed are often neglected in our society, so each week we visit the local nursing home, The Collinwood.

With the residents we sing, exhort & encourage from the Scriptures, and spend some time in conversation and prayer, as desired.

In addition to seasonal programs and visitations, our primary manner of service is our weekly meetings, Thursdays at 3:15PM.